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10 November 2011: Now working for MUSAC doing web development. Updated site to look a bit less ancient. It might be time for a proper website with a CMS or even custom code... eating one's own dogfood and all.

11 September 2010: the dad music arrived here.

21 Jan 2006: Added AE, Blog, Photos. Removed navigation until such time as I can get a better web host with dynamic weasel generating facilities.

24 July 2004: After a short delay, my site is back at an exciting new location.




Formerly I spent a good deal of my personal time writing software for OS/2, a now-defunct operating system that I got involved with on account of my work with the 8850 system from PEC. It was interesting, but I regret that I put so much effort into a dead-end.

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Also check out my Dad's website Muddleglum Manor, with model plane simulator, classical music and art.


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Aaron Lawrence is a computer geek who lives in New Zealand At this very moment in time he works for MUSAC who make Student Management Systems (SMS) software for schools.

Feel free to send me email:, with comments, suggestions and other topics of Great Importance to the Atomic Age.